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Get your ADHD Assessment in weeks,
not years


Find out how S E I K can support you or your loved one on the journey to self-discovery

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S E I K is Not-for-Profit. We provide high-quality care for ADHD, at an accessible price, with a short turnaround. The complete opposite of what is usually available in the UK.

Adult ADHD Diagnostic Assessment


✓ Assessment within
four weeks
✓ Regulated specialists
✓ NICE Guidelines
✓ Medical Report included
✓ Personalised Medication Recommendations

What People Are Saying

We're on a mission to break barriers. Our commitment: no sky-high costs or endless waiting lists. Quality ADHD and Autism assessments, because everyone deserves timely and affordable care.

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Take S E I K's Screening Questionnaire

Discover if our remote care suits you in just 5 minutes. Our onboarding team will guide you next.




Pre-assessment Questionnaires

Once you’re booked in you’ll be sent some forms to complete before your first appointment. These include:

  • Registration Form

  • Key Information Form about your personal history like your medical and education history.

  • Anxiety and Depression rating scales

  • Physical Measurements which asks for things like your blood pressure and pulse


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Part 1 ADHD Assessment

A thorough evaluation to identify and record your symptoms relating to ADHD during childhood and adulthood.


Part 2 ADHD Assessment

A comprehensive assessment with a psychiatrist to explore if ADHD may underlie your symptoms.

If diagnosed, the psychiatrist will give you personalised recommendations for ongoing support. This may involve medication, therapy, or alternative solutions to help manage your symptoms.

Receive a detailed report within 2 weeks.

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Take the Screening Questionnaire
Find out if we're a good fit

Download our handy assessment guide

Find out What to Expect at each step of the assessment.

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