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Get your ADHD Assessment in weeks,
not years


Find out how S E I K can support you or your loved one on the journey to self-discovery

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S E I K is Not-for-Profit. We provide high-quality care for ADHD, at an accessible price, with a short turnaround. The complete opposite of what is usually available in the UK.

Child ADHD Diagnostic Assessment


✓ Assessment within
four weeks
✓ Regulated specialists
✓ NICE Guidelines
✓ Medical Report included
✓ Personalised Education

Don't just take our word for it.

We're on a mission to break barriers. Our commitment: no sky-high costs or endless waiting lists. Quality ADHD and Autism assessments, because everyone deserves timely and affordable care.

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Take S E I K's Screening Questionnaire

Discover if our remote care suits you in just 5 minutes. Our onboarding team will guide you next.




Pre-assessment Questionnaires

Once you’re booked in you’ll be sent some forms to complete before your child’s first appointment. These include:

  • Registration Form

  • Key Information Form about your child’s early years and medical, social and education history.

  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Rating Scales

  • ADHD Rating Scales

  • Physical Measurements form which asks for things like blood pressure and pulse.

  • School Questionnaires for your child’s regular teacher or SEN support worker to share information about your child’s behaviours in school


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Part 1 ADHD Assessment

A thorough evaluation with you and your child to identify and record the symptoms and traits relating to ADHD.


Part 2 ADHD Assessment

A comprehensive assessment with a psychiatrist to explore if ADHD may underlie your child’s symptoms.


Part 3 ADHD Assessment

Following a diagnosis in Part 2, this session provides personalized behavioural recommendations to support your child at home or school.

Receive a detailed report within 2 weeks.

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Take the Screening Questionnaire
Find out if we're a good fit

Download our handy assessment guide

Find out What to Expect at each step of the assessment.

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