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Joining S E I K Psychiatry

We are passionate about improving access to neurodevelopmental assessments and support. If you are too, this could be the place for you.

Due to our exponential growth we have multiple, exciting opportunities for compassionate and experienced Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Assistant Psychologists, and Mental Health Nurse Prescribers.

Current Vacancies

Job Role
Assistant Psychologist
We are looking for empathetic and ambitious psychology students and graduates to join our triage team and be the first point of contact for our service. Hybrid remote working is available once training and induction is complete.
Non Medical Nurse Prescriber
Are you a caring and passionate Mental Health Nurse who wants to make a difference? If so, we would love to hear from you. This role will be focused on patients presenting with ADHD and ASD, carrying out follow up appointments including medication titration and repeat prescriptions.
We are looking to for experienced and compassionate psychologists to join our multidisciplinary team delivering ADHD and Autism assessments using comprehensive clinical skills and best practice psychological tools.
Due to exponential growth we have exciting opportunities for compassionate and experienced psychiatrists to carry out ADHD and Autism assessments as part of a multi-disciplinary team who truly care.

Why join us?

We are different

We operate as a not-for-profit, which means our priority is always to give a high quality, person-centred service at as low a rate as possible, to re-invest profits into improving our service, and provide funded assessments to help fight the structural and cultural barriers preventing access to neurodevelopmental assessments across the UK.


As a growing organisation, development is a process which we are committed to as individuals, and a team. Through peer to peer learning, supervision, and training opportunities, we will work with you to identify training and development needs, make an action plan, and support you in reaching your career goals.

Remote/Flexible Working

Transparent Earning Opportunities

Work where you want, when you want. All our roles have the opportunity to work remotely, and we provide all the equipment you need to carry out your responsibilities efficiently. In addition to this we offer a flexible schedule allowing you to choose your working hours over 7 days a week. 

We believe transparency is key to eliminating discrimination, and making the workplace more equitable and welcoming. 

What is it like to work with S E I K Psychiatry? 

Find out what the team have to say...

Jess.L - Onboarding 

"Being neurodiverse myself, I love speaking to other neurodiverse people on a daily basis. I get a lot of job satisfaction knowing I am helping others to get to the bottom of their symptoms and hopefully move onto a better quality of life."

Asma.P - Admin

"The atmosphere at S E I K is pleasant and fair, the support from management and the team is remarkable!"

Dr E.Akaho - Psychiatrist

"What I love most about working at S E I K Psychiatry is the fact that we generally seem to attract very lovely clients. I also like the fact that there is some collaboration and support within the team, despite us technically working as independent practitioners."

Dr K.Praveen - Consultant Psychiatrist

"I love working at SEIK psychiatry as the job gives me flexibility and supporting me to use my clinical skills with neuro-divergent individuals. It is a very unique service where everyone working at SEIK psychiatry endeavours to work as per the company values which is refreshing and makes work day fulfilling. I am proud to be part of SEIK psychiatry to help bring a different ethos to how mental health care is delivered!"

Dimitrios.A - Practitioner  Psychologist 

"The most important thing in regards to my experience working with SEIK is the supportive culture that the company has for its employees and each different colleague and professional team fosters. I always felt like my ideas were heard and felt that I was supported to do my job as well as I can. The values of SEIK are values that I am strongly aligned with and I am glad to know that they are not there as an advertisement trick but they are actually championed and upheld by all the colleagues working at all different areas of practice from the admin team to the clinical teams which make me feel assured that the clients we work with are getting the most wholesome experience they can get and make me proud of being a part of the team"

Lisa Driver, MI

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